Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Through the fires and flames...

Yesterday I was watching Fox News and happened to hear Barack Obama talk about the 'Insurance reform' plan and also about economics. How the insurance reform will not turn into a 'government waiting list.'

That statement, alone, makes me wonder. How? How will this not turn into a government waiting list? It's been shown, look at canada and england, that government ran health care systems does turn into a waiting list. They tried, they failed. People are waiting to get surgeries. Some people, in canada, have to wait to get an x-ray because they broke their arm. How is this going to be any different then what they have?

I turned on the TV last night, Bill Maher was on HBO. I don't like that liberal jerk, but it was the channel the tv was on when I turned it on. Simply, he was saying how he's Talked to George W. Bush and he said "well, the guy doesn't believe the same things as i do, and he doesn't read the same things i do. But when i talk to Barack Obama, he's smarter than me, he knows more than me." Why do we criticize him so bad when he's not in office? This is not a good child bad child routine, it doesn't need to be treated that way. And the sad part is, People are looking up to this joke of a president as he is the good child. The shame is, everything thinks we need a savior. This man is coming into save our country from the said horrible horrible horrible things George W. Bush has done. The Blind is leading the blind. We are so quick to point fingers, It's so easy to place blame but blame can never be placed on yourself. People look at Bush and say "YOU! YOU DESTROYED US!" But the reality we need to look beyond where it crumbled, and see why it crumbled. Clinton? Carter? The blocks have been put up to crumble. And liberal out there pointed the finger at who it crumbled on, not who caused it to crumble.

I'm really getting tired of these slow news days. I'm still hearing about that girl at yale that was killed. I'm still hearing about Michael Jackson. I hold a little remorse for the family of the girl at Yale. It was a horrible thing that happened. Enough with it though. I don't want 15 minute investigative interviews on this girl EVERY SINGLE DAY. We can't find anything better to talk about...like the Millions that attended the TEA party in D.C.? We can't talk about that, can we? No, we have to talk about a dead pop start that no one cares about any more. How do i know no one cares about him anymore? Because i don't care about him anymore and i hold majority vote. Have a problem with that? To bad, I hold majority votes on problems as well. Patrick Swayze died yesterday...and this morning all i heard was "he died, he did this this and this and while he was sick he was doing this" Well screw you. Why doesn't he get the same publicity as Michael Jackson? There has to be something interesting everyday that we don't have to drag on these boring, dead , stories. Reminds me of Jon Bennet Ramsey. I just didn't care.

Here's to you, slow news days.

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