Thursday, September 10, 2009

As the time rolls on...

I can remember being a kid thinking that september-may was the longest time ever. Then from June - August it was amazing but seemed to go by so quickly. I was thinking about this on my way to work about how the corn is dying, the school buses are going and how it's september. This year has just...flown by. It seemed like yesterday that I was saying my vows, and it seemed like the day before that we were celebrating the New Year and still planning the wedding. Where has the time gone?

So my thought went even further What did I accomplish this year? If you ask my wife, she'll say "Nothing, you sat around and watched television." Fairly True, yes. I got married, thats an accomplishment. I'm buying a house! thats going to be a fairly big accomplishment. I became a member to a gym! That got me? About two months of eating tons better and working out everyday. Where has it got me now? Eh, another card to add to my wallet.

Which brings me to one of my subjects of the day. Money. I sit back and i think to myself, man i've made a lot of money over the past years...What do i have to show for it? Nothing. Where did my money go, what did my money do? I don't know, it's missing. I have a lot of money that has gone MIA. But these last couple years is the time that i've really had accountable money.

It's other people that scare me. That have 3 mortgages, 5 different car loans, and only make $70,000 a year. Why? How can you afford this? Well, they really can't. They are up to their ears in debt, and they take out loan after loan to try and salvage their crumbling credit report. Foreclosing on a house because little Timmyneeded a pair of $300 tennis shoes because 'they're the thing.' Today, during our financial crisis, a lot of people are watching their money a lot more closely. But there is still a lot of people that insist on having the world, and don't think about the money. I blame them for our current economic crisis, and even more so, I blame the lenders that decided it was a good idea. And further more, I blame the government, but that isn't the pivot point of my topic. And really I could go on and on and on and on about our economic situation and how the world is filled up with stupid people that caused it.

Lets change the subject. Lets talk about weight! I know, everyone wants to be as ripped and have amazing chipped away abs like me, but lets face it, no one can be as good as me. If you're asking where these amazing ripped muscles are and my chipped away abs are, look under my fat and it'll be there. Has anyone seen the obese statistic? As of 2004 70% of the US is overweight or Obese. I am, officially, a statistic. Thank you CDC! Why is this number so high? It's simple, the thought of quick easy meals (ex. McDonalds) is attractive to everyone. Whether you're busy or not. I know there is lots of times i'd rather have Pizza Hut bring me some pizza then worry about cooking food. It's true, and most of the United States is this way.

When i was in highschool, i was reasonably in shape. I was working out most everyday, I was keeping active. But ever since then, it's been a tumbling downhill roll since. So, effectively, I joined a gym. I tried to keep active, but didn't work out so well. And to help my efforts, I did a google search. "Weight loss Regiments" and found a link that says "How to effectively lose weight" So i clicked, figured i would learn something. The page was mostly blank, said one sentence. "QUIT EATING SO MUCH!" As humerous as this was, it angered me at the same time. Just because a person is fat doesn't mean they eat too much, it generally means that they aren't active enough.

My post today doesn't really have a meaning, doesn't really have points, i guess it is more of a rant then anything. So! Here is to getting fat and not having money!

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