Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In The Beginning...

This blogging seems to have become a craze across the world. I figure i'd give it a try. I'm told i will like it, whether I will or not is a different story. So for everyone that gets attached to my blog, and don't worry it happens to everyone in some form, this is my first Blog this may also be my last blog.

So for those of you who don't know, we're buying a house. YAYYYY. The reality is a big crock of poo. That or I've just encountered a horrible seller and she doesn't really know what she wants to do. It needs a new roof, but is she going to replace the roof? I still don't know a good answer yet...she keeps tugging my chain like I'm a cat on a leash. Eh, like a dog on a leash. Has anyone ever seen a cat on a leash? It's kind of funny watching the cat fight the leash and end up being dragged along the road...a dog actually follows, or leads varying on the dog/owner.

So, two and a half months after the king of pop(or King of Poop)'s death, i'm still hearing about him on the television. Why doesn't the news understand...I DON'T CARE! And the reality is, atleast, half of the United States DOESN'T CARE. I raised my glass in celebration of his death, not in mourning. He was a pedophile, he was a black person that tried to be white, he had horrible music. What part of ANY of those descriptions would I like. He should be shot for, atleast, 2 of those 3 reasons.

So, as of late, I've really gotten into Politics. How can you not? With everything that is going on in the world, you have to observe and become, atleast, a little educated. So, if you can stomach siphoning through the Michael Jackson garbage, i'm sure you've seen politics in action.

Lets touch base on Politics. Government Ran and Reformed healthcare is the big subject of the year. To some people the idea of everyone having health insurance is great. I, personally, don't believe we need it. It's like having car insurance, if you drive without car insurance and you get into an accident You pay for it (in practice it is a different story most of the time). Well, if you get the sick without health insurance, you should have to pay for it. I shouldn't have to pay for your right to go to the doctor, just so you can jack the rate of my premium because you had a 'runny nose.' I just don't believe that everyone should have insurance. If you can't afford, it's your problem. (cold hearted, eh?)

But, there is a thing called Compromise. Now, what few Republicans are in office don't want to see a government run health care system. Rightfully so, has anyone seen Canada? Go try to get a tooth pulled in Canada....let me know how it works out...I'll see you in a year. But, the democrats in office wants to see everyone have health insurance, Really they want a government run plan because they're greedy. They believe the government should run and control it all. But wait, Compromise! Here is what should happen. It should be mandated, on the goverment level, that all employers, which are seperated from the government, should provide insurance for the Employees. Now I know, for a fact, here in this area there is a lot of small business that more than likely can't afford Health Insurance for their employees. So the governement should step in and make the insurance companies open up the groups. So that way a mom and pop store, Schupps we'll say, can hop on to Commodore or Colony's group. That'll allow discounted insurance for schupps so they can afford it, but also give everyone Health Insurance. And the fireworks go off and the choir sings because I Just saved the United States and all it's people from dying! yayyy.

Still, though, Premiums are going to go sky rocket because someone has a runny nose. IT's not a great answer, but it works, it gets the big government idea out of play and makes those sniveling little girls happy.

On that note, Have a good day!

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  1. Let me just say I'm surprised you can put multiple coherent thoughts together to form paragraphs. Kudos to the wise portly one. I still think you are gay though.

    Healthcare? I can help on that one. How bout the lies that are fed to us non stop. 47 million uninsured...nope. It's 12 million. The rest are those who opt out or are not US citizens.

    My answer is different though. Don't have health insurance. Have catastrophic accident insurance. Just like with your car, are you going to call your insurance company every time you change your oil or get new tires? No. So why not pay for check ups, prescriptions, and minor medical. If a company were to offer reliable major medical care, it would benefit those who need it during major medical emergencies and it would benefit the companies who can write off the risk because it would be significantly lower. Rates go down, you save money by not having the big deduction out of your paycheck.

    Now, here's the problem. That only works if people are responsible enough to save the money for the small bills and actually pay them. Most of us would do just fine, but there is that part of the population who would take the extra part of their paycheck and buy a bigscreen and a new couch. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about. Probably a few of your neighbors or even friends.

    So, get rid of the leeches and irresponsible lowlife losers and we can fix it ourselves. Wow, same can be said about the entire US economy.