Monday, April 5, 2010

A Slippery Slope

In these rough economical times, is it a good idea to raise taxes when we're already being overtaxed? This was the question that was asked to President Obama while he was giving a speech at a battery manufacturing company. His response? 17 Minutes 12 seconds and over 2500 words later? "I don't know what I'm talking about." Seriously, it was 17 Minutes of mindless garbage being spewed from his mouth.  And it wasn't like any of it pertained to the question he was asked. If you have 20 minutes, you should most definitely watch this. ( ). I would've expected other things to come from his mouth. Like "You're not being over taxed." or "well here is what your taxes help pay for." The worst part of that verbal vomit is he repeated himself three times. At 9 minutes one of the Panel members yawned and 3 times during the whole video you can hear someone laugh. I often wish I could go up to him with a baseball bat, smack him upside the head and say "WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU MORON?!".  Whilst he's vomiting all over the microphone he adds that if we wouldn't have gone through with this healthcare plan, our financial woes would be worst than what they are now.....wait, what?  $1.3 Trillion dollars into a health care plan. How is spending $1.3 Trillion Dollars saving our financial woes?  We just moved ourselves $1.3 trillion dollars further in the hole but it is ok we would be worst off if we didn't pass this plan.

So, how about a New Jersey congressman stating he doesn't care about the constitution? After being asked by a reporter where it says in the constitution that the government can do whatever they want. He blatantly responds "I don't care about the constitution, what i care about is the amount of people that have gone through with no healthcare." The reporter then asks "but where does it say that you can do this?" the congressman responds "i don't know." So the reporter then asks "so you don't care about the constitution?"  the congressman says "I never said that." Obviously, he did say that, just by what came out of his mouth.  It's great that we can have politicians that don't care about what is constitutional, and what is not. As it was put to me today, after talking about this congressman "we're screwed."

So, to everyone out there! Enjoy Obamacare, and hope you're having fun with Obamanomics.

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