Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trumping the Government with Trump

There are times in our lives when we are faced with financial hardships. Whether you, or your spouse, lost a job, or even something major happened to your house. Either way, we are faced with economic struggles from time to time throughout our lives. What the Government has, however, is not Economic struggle. It is an Economic disaster. In fact, it is more than a disaster, it is a catastrophe on an astronomical level.

Normally when an individual runs into an Economic Struggle they cut costs in order to make ends meet. That, however, is not the way the Government thinks. The Government thinks we should spend our way out of debt. The Government is telling us we're cutting money, we're trying to save money, etc etc... Now, I could go into explanation on how we're being deceived, but this gentleman broke it down in a very simple and easy video(s). http://www.wimp.com/budgetcuts/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/10000Pennies#p/u/0/_Rl1xgT3REE

Now, with that being said, the Government is in dire need of help. Maybe an accounting class, maybe an economic class...maybe they need to read the constitution. Anyways, So how can the Government get help? Elect a true leader? Yes! Step one: Elect a true leader.

In the last few weeks we've seen Republican candidates come out. One of which is Donald Trump. I've been hearing a lot about Donal Trump, and a lot of people support him. Some of my friends (and i'm sure i'm going to hear about this later) support him. I'm here to tell you...DON'T. It seems great, a Millionaire (infact 788 Million to be exact) who runs a company, kept a company afloat through these rough economic times, and has amazingly fake hair, could get our country out of our Economic Disaster.

Even though he's running under the Republican ticket that doesn't really make him a republican. Infact, i think he's Socially progressive. It kind of frightens me how much damage he could potentially do being in office. And now it feels as if our entire State system is now becoming a joke. With the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, and now Donald Trump is running for president. Now, I'm not saying that any of these individuals are not capable of running for office, but they get voted on because their popular. Need I remind you of the horrible election of 2008? This monkey got elected because of popularity.

I guess, what i'm asking everyone to do is think about the candidate you're voting for. It's extremely easy to vote for the guy that is the most famous, or that is on top of the ballot, but that is not the way to vote. Read about them, learn about them. Don't listen to their television ads, because thats all a bunch of bashing in order to make people feel good. Every single person I vote for, I've either talked to or read about(extensively at times) and I encourage everyone to do the same.


  1. Running for President of the US IS a popularity contest. No one wins without being popular (except maybe George W Bush...). As far as your criticism of movie stars or popular figures running for office: well, Ronald Reagan was an illustrious film actor before becoming President, and he's STILL the sweetheart of the GOP. I'm not suggesting that I in any way support Donald Trump, but selecting a well-known, popular person has worked for the Republican party in the past. I like your message that people should research a candidate before casting a vote, but for many Americans, it really is just a popularity contest. He who campaigns hardest usually wins.
    And IMO, you completely discredit your entire post by referring to President Obama as a "monkey." I can respect someone who dislikes a president based on choices he has made or on his ideology, but blatant racism is just crude, childish, and makes you seem very, very intolerant and weak-minded.

  2. I was no way being 'racist'. Infact, if he was white, brown, yellow, green or red, i would still call him a monkey based on what he has done. Monkey is no way a racist remark, nor is it intended to be.

    You are right, it is a popularity contest that the people of the United States has created. Partially because of their ignorance/laziness to do the appropriate research to figure who will uphold our constitutional values set by our founding fathers.